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Expert Property Tax Solutions

Searching for property tax advice or services? You can count on RK Accountants & Tax Advisors. Based in Bradford, we offer our services across West Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

Property Tax Made Simple

At RK Accountants & Tax Advisors, we specialise in providing comprehensive property tax services to help you navigate the journey of property taxation and ensure compliance with HMRC regulations. Contact our experienced team today for expert property tax advice and personalised solutions tailored to your property tax needs.

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Capital Gains Tax

Navigating capital gains tax on property transactions requires expertise and strategic planning, trust our experienced team to assist with:

Capital Gains Calculation: We can help you calculate the capital gains tax liabilities arising from property transactions, ensuring accurate and compliant reporting. 

Capital Gains Advice: Our experts provide strategic advice on how to minimise your capital gains tax liabilities legally, taking advantage of available reliefs and exemptions. 

Property Investments: Whether you're buying, selling or renting out properties, we can help you assess the tax implications and make informed decisions to optimise your investment returns. 

Ltd Company Property Rentals

Managing property rentals through a limited company requires careful tax planning and compliance. Our specialised services for Ltd company property rentals includes:

Corporation Tax for Property Income: We can assist with corporation tax compliance related to your property rental income, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with HMRC regulations.

Property Allowance and Deductions: Our experts can help you identify and maximise allowable property expenses, capital allowances and deductions to reduce your tax liability and improve cash flow.

Tan Planning Strategies: We provide tailored tax planning strategies to Ltd company property rentals to help you achieve tax efficiency and maximise your after-tax profits.

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Sole Traders Property Tax

As a sole trader involved in property transactions, managing your property tax obligations is essential. Our dedicated services for sole traders includes:

Self-Assessment for Property Income: We assist sole traders in preparing and filling self-assessment tax returns related to property income, ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations.

Property Expenses and Deductions: Our experts can help you identify allowable property expenses and deductions, maximising your tax efficiency and reducing your tax liability.


Tax Planning and Advice: We offer strategic tax planning and advice for sole traders involved in property transactions, helping you optimise your tax position and make informed decisions. 

Ltd vs Sole Trader Property Tax Comparison

Choosing between operating as a limited company or a sole trader for property transactions can have significant tax implications. We can provide:

Business Structure Comparison: Our experts can assess the tax implications of operating as a limited company versus a sole trader for property transactions, helping you choose the most tax-efficient structure.

Tax Efficient Strategies: We offer guidance on tax-efficient profit extraction, reliefs and allowances available to limited companies and sole traders engaged in property transactions. 

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Searching for property tax services across West Yorkshire?

Contact RK Accountants & Tax Advisors today for expert advice, based in Bradford, we offer our services across West Yorkshire.

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